Enhance the Climbing Experience with Safari® Jungle Gym Elements

Enhance the Climbing Experience with Safari® Jungle Gym Elements

Our Safari® Indoor Jungle Gym is a line of indoor adventure elements that bring low-threat challenge, fun and fitness to any youth-serving organization. Like some low-ropes course elements or what “ninjas” use in competitions, the Safari® Jungle Gym elements mount to the wall and are great for physical education classes, after-school programs, camps, recreation centers and inclement weather situations. The pieces challenge a wide range of fitness levels and conveniently stow and lock to prevent unauthorized use.

The Safari® Indoor Jungle Gym line includes the following elements:

Safari® Monkey Bars

Straight from the playground to your gym, the Safari® Monkey Bars help to develop upper body strength.

Boy on Safari Monkey Bars by Everlast Climbing

Safari® Wild Web

The Safari® Wild Web is an indoor cargo net climbing element that promotes flexibility, endurance and spatial awareness.

Girl on Safari Wild Web by Everlast Climbing

Safari® Plank Walk

Children cross the Safari® Plank Walk using hanging guide ropes. It’s fun and helps develop upper body strength, core strength, balance and coordination.  

 Boy on Safari Plank Walk by Everlast Climbing

Safari® Swing Steppers

Safari® Swing Steppers present a fun balancing challenge, requiring children to move across a set of five swinging steps. 

Girl on Safari Swing Steppers by Everlast Climbing

Safari® Circle Steppers

Safari® Circle Steppers offer a thrilling challenge to travel across five hanging discs! This element requires balance, coordination and patience.

Boy on Safari Swing Steppers by Everlast Climbing

Elements can be bought individually or in packages with a Mat-Locking® System. They can be added to an existing Traverse Wall®, by mounting elements on either end of the climbing wall making for an extra-interesting start and finish to the climbing experience. Safari® Monkey Bars can be added above an existing horizontal climbing wall which allows children to put their feet on the climbing wall to help them travel across the bars until they develop enough strength to do it with just their arms.

If you are in the process of getting a Traverse Wall®, you can incorporate Safari® Elements by adding them in between climbing panels to create a Ninja-like experiences where climbers have to get from one climbing panel to another via a Safari® element. Placing a Safari® Wild Web between panels is very popular.

See them in action!

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