Everlast Climbing's commitment to innovation is reflected in its many patents. The company is proud to offer a dynamic product line that has raised the standard for youth indoor rock climbing.

In accordance with Section 287(a) of Title 35 of the United States Code, the reader is hereby placed on notice of Everlast Climbing’s rights in the United States Patents listed on this page and associated with the following products. Other patents are pending.

Product Patent Marking
Adaptive Wall™ and Adaptive Hand Holds U.S. Patent  7,520,838 & 9,770,614 
Discovery® Blackboard Wall U.S. Patent 7,520,838
Discovery® Dry-Erase Wall U.S. Patent 7,520,838
EverActive® Adjustable Climbing Wall U.S. Patent 10,918,925
Groperz® Route-Setting Guide U.S. Patent  7,520,838
Groperz® Route-Setting Hand Holds U.S. Patent  7,520,838
Magna® Wall U.S. Patents 8,038,581, 7,520,838 & 7,563,202
Magna® Relief-Feature Wall U.S. Patents  8,038,581 & 7,563,202
Mat Locking® System, Relief Feature Wall, Superior Rock Wall, Sandstone Relief Feature Wall, Mural Wall, and Climb-able® Wall U.S. Patent  7,819,778; 7,862,480  & 8,282,534
Playground Wall™ U.S. Patent  7,520,837
Standard Wall™, River Rock® Wall, Baltic Birch Wall, Chroma® Wall U.S. Patent  7,520,838
StartFIT® System U.S. Patent  7,780,576
Traverse Wall® Challenge Course U.S. Patent  7,419,457
Tyke Tower™ U.S. Patents 8,038,581, 7,520,838 & 7,563,202
Versa Challenge Course® U.S. Patents 10,981,026
WeeKidz Traverse Wall® U.S. Patents 8,038,581 & 7,563,202