Indoor rock climbing is one of the most innovative physical activities today. It not only builds physical skills, but also helps to develop social-emotional and academic skills. Our team of educators has written a variety of climbing wall lesson plans to challenge and captivate children of varying ages and abilities. They include beginner climbing activities, competitive climbing activities, cooperative climbing activities, best climbing games, intermediate-level climbing activities, challenging climbing activities and activities that combine climbing and classroom learning. We hope you enjoy them! Check back frequently as we will be adding new climbing activities often.

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Beginner Climbing Activities 

Beginner Climbing Activities introduce new climbers or young climbers to the climbing wall so they can gradually build their comfort, confidence and climbing skills. 

  Welcome to the Wall - Climbing Wall Activity

Welcome to the Wall Participants are introduced to the climbing wall in a non-threatening manner with a simulated climb across the Traverse Wall.

Competitive Climbing Activities 

Competitive Climbing Activities add an element of competition, strategy, and teamwork to the climbing experience. These fun activities also build climbing skills and are ideal for small groups of climbers. 

Up Down Relay Race This is a fast-paced and fun way to use the climbing wall for a competitive challenge. Teams race up and back down a climbing wall panel. 

Cooperative Climbing Activities 

Cooperative Climbing Activities require climbers to work together to achieve a task or common goal. They are great for developing cooperation, communication, teamwork and trust. 

Hula Hoop Haven Teams work cooperatively to traverse the climbing wall with arms linked through Hula Hoops.
One Hand Catch and Climb This activity is a fun way to add some tossing and catching challenges to the climbing experience.
Add On Climbers traverse the climbing wall by repeating and adding onto each other’s moves.

Best Climbing Games

Climbers will be engages and have a blast with our all-time favorite climbing wall games. 

Twister® The classic children's game of Twister has been transformed into a fun partner activity on the climbing wall that requires great listening and problem-solving skills.
Sarah Says Climbers try to complete climbing commands while following the rules of the classic children’s game of a similar name.

Intermediate-Level Climbing Activities

Once beginner climbers have more confidence and skills, they’ll be eager to try these activities that bring additional climbing challenges.

Climbing Wall Cone Challenge Participants climb while moving objects from the climbing wall to cones and/or from cones to the climbing wall.
Climbing Wall Target Practice A “fun-for-all-ages” climbing wall activity where climbers toss objects into targets. This activity is easily modified for a variety of ages and ability levels.
Silent Feet Develop rock climbing skills with this activity that requires climbers to focus on silent and controlled footwork.
On Thin Ice This activity brings some new challenges to the climbing wall by eliminating some of the holds from use by climbers. As they climb, climbers must avoid the areas of "thin ice."

Challenging Climbing Activities

Challenging Climbing Activities are for experienced climbers or advanced climbers. These activities will not only put their climbing skills to test but will also help climbers continue to develop as athletes.

Climbing in the Night Participants climb the traverse wall while blindfolded.

Activities that Combine Climbing and Classroom Learning 

Activities that combine climbing and classroom learning, or Cross-Curricular Climbing Activities, bring extra excitement to academic lessons.  These climbing activities are ideal for schools and are a great way to reinforce what’s going on in the classroom. Studies are showing that physical activity improves focus, concentration, behavior and learning outcomes, so let’s get students climbing the walls.

Climbing Wall Scrabble Participants climb to letters to spell words.
Special Number Climb While climbing, participants find examples of pre-determined "special numbers".
MyPlate Climb Climbers identify examples of foods from the five food groups on MyPlate.