Chroma Climbing Wall Team Activity

We are pleased to provide you with an array of resources designed to inform and inspire you to learn about indoor rock climbing in schools and other youth-serving agencies. You will learn why climbing is one of the fastest growing curriculum innovations in physical education programming today. You will be inspired to take the necessary steps to add an indoor climbing wall unit to your program offerings. In doing so, you will join a rapidly growing team of program facilitators across the world whose participants are reaping the physical, social, emotional and academic rewards of this promising practice.

Fact Sheets:

Blue-Doc_30px  Ten Great Reasons for Building a Climbing Wall

Blue-Doc_30px  How Rock Climbing Relates to the 2024 National Standards for Physical Education

Blue-Doc_30px  How Climbing Contributes to Physical, Cognitive and Social-Emotional Development

Blue-Doc_30px  Benefits of Climbing for Children with Special Needs

Blue-Doc_30px  Leadership Development through Rock Climbing

Blue-Doc_30px  Creating Communities of Connection Through Rock Climbing

Articles & News:

Blue-Doc_30px  Physical & Emotional Benefits of Climbing

Blue-Doc_30px  Climbing to New Educational Heights

Blue-Doc_30px  Research on Traverse Climbing

Blue-Doc_30px  Ready to Climb: Bringing the Climbing Walls to the CFDRC

Blue-Doc_30px  Climbing Walls Promote Lifelong Fitness Habits Among Youths

Blue-Doc_30px  Fitness Assessment

Blue-Doc_30px  Looking for Ways to Keep Kids Fit

Blue-Doc_30px  Soaring To New Heights with a Pool Climbing Wall