Everlast Climbing Products

Since 1991, Everlast Climbing has been a leader in the climbing wall industry and is dedicated to serving the needs of students and educators across the United States. Everlast Climbing products and services are of unparalleled quality and innovation. With educators on staff, we are committed to the ongoing development of climbing walls and climbing resources to ensure the highest quality educational climbing experience. Our work is inspired by the following factors:

  • We are compelled by current youth health compromising realities
  • We value and endorse youth fitness supporting venues and work to communicate the positive correlation between fitness, academic achievement and emotional well being
  • We partner with youth serving agencies across the country
  • We develop research relationships to quantify the fitness-enhancing qualities of our dynamic product line

Top Rope Climbing Wall

Everlast Climbing products and activities have been created in response to these underpinnings. We offer a full line of Climbing Walls including Traverse Walls®Top Rope WallsPool Climbing WallsPlayground Climbing Walls and climbing walls that are great for home use

Discovery Plates

In addition we offer a full complement of Climbing Wall Accessories including Safety MatsHand Holds, Curriculum, Trainings and unique and fun wall additions like our Challenge Course, StartFIT® System and Safari® Jungle Gym.

WeeKidz Challenge Course

Our vision for enhanced youth fitness has informed the development of an early childhood category, featuring both climbing walls and off-the-wall gross motor development activities like our WeeKidz® Challenge Course and Balance Beam sets.

Marble Maze

And last but not least, we offer a full set of Team Building products. We see Climbing as “Challenge by Choice” and created a line of team building products that can be used as a prerequisite to your climbing wall instructional unit, or individually at schools, camps and after-school events.