Cordless Mat Locking® System – Climbing Mats
Cordless Mat Locking® System – Climbing Mats Cordless Mat Locking® System – Climbing Mats Cordless Mat Locking® System – Climbing Mats Cordless Mat Locking® System – Climbing Mats

Cordless Mat Locking® System – Climbing Mats

Provides safety surfacing and prevents the unauthorized use of your Traverse Wall®. Some facilities are required to use mats that meet certain Fire Retardant properties. Please refer to our Fire Retardant Mats for more information and check with your local authority on fire prevention.
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  • Cordless Mat Locking® System – Climbing Mats


    Provide a comfortable landing surface and prevent the unauthorized use of your climbing wall with the easy-to-use Cordless Mat Locking® System. To “close” the climbing wall, simply push mats against the climbing wall and hang the nylon webbing loops on the specially-designed holds. Next, push the red security latch up and lock by turning the security bolt. Mats fasten to each other and attach to the base of the wall with nylon tabs. Our “No Climbing” decal is printed on one side to further show that the climbing wall is closed. Traverse wall mats and top rope mats are available.

    Our Standard Climbing Mats are available in two thicknesses:
    • 2″ Standard Safety Mats: 2″ of polyethylene foam is enclosed in an 18-oz. polyester-reinforced vinyl covering.
    • 3″ Premium Safety Mats: With 3″ of polyethylene foam enclosed in an 18-oz. polyester-reinforced vinyl covering, these mats provide an extra inch of landing surface. These industry-leading mats have been tested and meet ASTM Standard F1292-04 (with a critical height of 8′ at an ambient temperature of 66° F).

    The Mat Locking® System includes specially-designed Mat Locking® Hand Holds, mounting hardware, locking tool and installation instructions. 4′ x 6′ sections are available in red or blue. Custom colors and sizes are available for an additional cost.  Installation required.

    Some jurisdictions require mats with various Fire Retardant properties. Please consult your local Fire Marshall to ensure you are requesting the proper safety surfacing. More information on the options can be found here:

    Protected by one or more U.S. Patent. View our patents.

  • Specifications

    Size 4′ System 20′ System 40′ System
    Mat Dimensions 4’W x 6’H 20’W x 6’H 40’W x 6’H
    Climber Capacity 1 Climber 5 Climbers 10 Climbers
    Installation Time  1 hr 3 hrs 45 min  7.5 hrs
    Age Appropriate Elementary, Middle & High School Elementary, Middle & High School Elementary, Middle & High School

    Note: The Mat Locking System also includes specially-designed Mat Locking Hand Holds, mounting hardware, locking tool and installation instructions.

  • FAQs

    How do the mats mount to the wall?

    Mats attach to the base of the wall with the heavy-duty tabs and accompanying bolts. Mats attach at the top of the climbing wall by the nylon webbing loops that are hung onto the specially-designed holds and locked off by a red security latch that is engaged with a few turns of the security wrench.

    What if my wall is a custom size, can I have mats made to fit my wall?

    Yes! We do make custom mat sizes. If you purchase mats at the same time as your climbing wall, there is no extra charge for an unusual size.

    How far out do the mats need to extend for safety purposes?

    We follow Playground Standards for fall zones which state that the fall zone should be 6'. Therefore all of our mats extend 6' from the climbing wall.

    Can I have my mats made in a custom color?

    Yes, for an additional cost we have a variety of custom colors from which to choose.

    What if my wall goes around a corner, is there a matting solution for this?

    Yes, we can create mat systems that wind around corners.

    I have wall mats behind my basketball hoop. Does the Mat Locking System offer the same protection? Or will I need to build my wall on either side of the mats?

    Our 2" and 3" safety mats that are part of the Mat Locking System provide excellent protection. They both exceed minimum performance requirements of ASTM F2440-04 Standard Specification for Indoor Wall/Feature Padding. The closed climbing wall can be behind a basketball hoop. You do not need to build your climbing wall on either side.

  • Shipping and Install

    Shipping Information

    Your mat system will ship to the delivery address you specify via truck.  We cannot deliver to Post Office Boxes.

    You will need to meet the truck and carry the mats inside.  Inside Delivery is available for an additional cost. Please contact your salesperson to add this to your order.

    Please inspect all pallets and boxes before signing for the delivery. If there is any damage, you MUST note the damage on the delivery receipt BEFORE you sign it, or a damage claim cannot be filed with the trucking company. This is very important – please notify your receiving personnel and the person who usually signs for deliveries of this fact. Call us if there is any apparent damage and we will work with you to resolve the problem. Do not throw away any damaged material.

    Please protect your shipment until the installation takes place. Any damage occurring after receipt is your responsibility.

    Installation Information

    Mats attach at the floor with bottom straps that attach to the wall using the bolts and security wrench provided. Mats attach at the top using the cordless mat locking system holds. For additional information, please download Installation Instructions:

    Blue-Doc_30px  Cordless Mat Locking Instructions


    NOTE: The Cordless Mat Locking® System is designed for the mats to rest on the floor. Hanging the mats off of the floor will shorten their life and make them much harder to use.