StartFit® Packages: Fully Loaded, Versatile and Mobile

StartFit® Packages: Fully Loaded, Versatile and Mobile

Our StartFit® Packages are part of our Off-the-Wall Fitness product line. Thoughtfully designed, these packages include product and programming all housed in a mobile cart. They’re great for creating stations making them an ideal complement to any climbing program. Some packages are also designed to share with classroom teachers and can help meet the goals of Active Schools by integrating more physical activity into the school day. Here's an overview of our four packages:

StartFit® Activity Packages

Our StartFit® Activity Packages bring physical activity, health and nutrition education into physical education and general education settings. Over 200 pieces of equipment are stored in a mobile cart, along with a comprehensive Teacher Resource Guide that features 75 activities and games, along with helpful resources. Activities and games are set up to accommodate up to 30 children for 10, 20 or 30 minutes. They include whole group activities, small group activities and partner activities that can be conducted in classrooms, gyms or open spaces. StartFit Activity Packages are designed to share with general educators and before- and after-school program staff, so lesson plans are very detailed and include a "teaching tips" section to help people without a background in physical education engage youth in physical activity. Plus, some of the lessons bring in math and language concepts, so they're perfect for the school setting! They’re available in two grade level ranges: StartFit® Kindergarten – Second Grade Package and StartFit® Third - Fifth Grade Package. Check out our video for more details:

StartFit® Fitness Circuit Package

Develop cardiovascular endurance, core strength, bone strength and flexibility with the StartFit® Fitness Circuit Package. The engaging equipment and easy-to-follow exercise cards are designed for grades six through twelve. 20 pre-made circuit maps help instructors immediately get their classes moving. Circuits include Lower Body, Upper Body, Quick Cardio, Core Fitness and more. With nine different types of fitness equipment, other circuits can be created to add diversity to the program or to address a specific need. All equipment is stored on a mobile cart for easy, organized storage and transport. The Teacher Resource Guide outlines exercises, circuits and includes other resources to ensure successful implementation of the program. The StartFit Fitness Circuit Package keeps up to 40 participants engaged and active in 20 different fitness-focused circuits.

StartFit® Warm-Up Package

The StartFit® Warm-Up Package makes warming up middle school and high school students easier. The package includes exercise equipment, 75 easy-to-follow exercise cards, 20 pre-made circuit maps and a detailed Teacher Resource guide, all stored on a mobile cart. With seven different types of equipment, there are 100s of warm up exercises possible such as yoga poses, backwards hurdle jumps and squats on a stability disc. The StartFit® Warm-Up Package provides opportunities for 36 participants to increase their heart rate, core body temperature and blood flow with upper and lower body warm-ups, light physical activity and static and dynamic stretching.

Learn more about the StartFit Fitness Circuit and Warm-up Packages in this video:

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