New Hand Holds Add Variety to the Climbing Experience

New Hand Holds Add Variety to the Climbing Experience

Adding some new hand holds to your Traverse Wall® or Top-Rope Wall bring novelty to the climbing experience as well as challenge and engage your climbers over time. Here are some new climbing holds to consider:

Animal-shaped Hand Holds

Add a turtle, dragonfly, starfish, hippopotamus, snail and other “critters” with our Critterz Hand Holds. These fun hand holds are ideal for Traverse Walls and especially appeal to climbers ages 3-8 years old. You can help engage apprehensive climbers by challenging them to touch the turtle or to find all 10 yellow critters. And they’re not just cute; they’re climbable.

Animal shaped rock climbing holds

Number and Alphabet Hand Holds

Bring classroom learning to the climbing wall with number and alphabet hand holds. You can have climbers practice number and letter identification or play games where the solution is on the climbing wall. For example, challenge climbers to find all the numbers in their phone number or all the letters in their name. Number holds include zero through nine and alphabet holds include one of each letter.

Letters of the alphabet rock climbing hand holds

Ninja-Style Hand Holds

Bring some Ninja excitement to the climbing experience with three different sets of holds from our Ultimate Challenge Course. Hook Holds require climbers to place rings on hooks as they climb. Loop Holds feature a ring for climbers to grab while climbing. Peg Holds turn the climbing wall into a peg board. You can purchase all three sets, or individual sets. An activity guide is included. These are great for ages 10 and up.

Boy rock climbing using ultimate challenge course hand holds

Ball Holder Hand Holds

Climbing activities using balls are made possible with our Ball Holder Hand Holds. Simply rest a ball on the hold and it can be removed, moved and/or tossed to a person or into a target. When ball games are not on the day’s climbing agenda, they serve as hand holds. Ball Holder Hand Holds are sold in a set of 10 and include mounting hardware and an activity guide.

Ball holder hand hold for use on a climbing wall

Hand Holds to Add Challenge

If you are looking to add some challenge to the climbing experience, consider adding some of our Groperz™ Hand Holds. Footgrips™ 14A are small and rounded and perfect for working on foot placement. Keystone™ 39B is another great addition to any Traverse or Top Rope Wall to challenge climbers. They are pinches that offer great thumb catches with a smooth sloper or positive edge configuration for the fingers. Jumbos™ 28B is a timeless classic. These large comfy cobbles are a best- seller.

Groperz Hand Holds set

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