Groperz Numbers Hand Holds
Groperz Numbers Hand Holds Groperz Numbers Hand Holds on the Climbing Wall

Groperz® Number Holds

Our Easy Mount Number Holds make the numbering process simple and attractive.
  • Groperz Number Hand Holds


    Most climbing instructors find it beneficial to number their climbing wall panels. This not only allows climbers to keep track of how far they have climbed, but enables instructors to start students at different panels during activities. Our Easy Mount Number Holds make the numbering process simple and attractive. These holds mount directly to the wall using wood screws, not t-nuts. Numbers 1-10, 11 per set. Numbers for sale individually also. Available in Red. Mounting hardware included.

  • Specifications

    Age Appropriate Early Childhood, Elementary & Middle School
    Color Blue or Red
    Contains 11 Hand Holds (numbers 1-10), Mounting Hardware, Allen Wrench for bolt-on
  • FAQs

    What is the difference between a bolt-on hold and a direct mount hand hold?

    A bolt-on hand hold attaches to the pre-set t-nuts that are included in the climbing wall panel.This is how the other hand holds are mounted to the climbing wall. Direct mount hand holds mount directly to the panel using wood screws. They can be placed anywhere; their placement is not limited to t-nut locations.

    What are number hand holds used for?

    There are a variety of reasons to add numbers to your climbing wall. They are used to number climbing wall panels to help instructors during climbing wall games and activities. They can also be added to the wall to bring in math concepts. They can be used for climbing, like any other hand hold on the climbing wall.

    How do you clean climbing holds?

    First, remove them from the climbing wall. Then scrub them with mild soap and water with a nylon bristle brush. They can also be put into the dishwasher. Be sure to let hand holds air dry completely before remounting on the climbing wall.

  • Shipping and Install


    The hand holds will ship via FedEx.


    Groperz Hand Holds mount easily to the traverse wall using a standardized bolt which attaches to a t-nut mounted in the wall.  For more information, download complete installation instructions:

    Blue-Doc_30px  Bolt-On: Groperz Hand Holds Instructions
    Blue-Doc_30px  Direct-Mount: Easy Mount Hand Hold Installation Instructions