Introducing our NEW Hijinx™ Ninja Courses

We are thrilled to introduce our newest line of products, the Hijinx™ Ninja Courses!

Unparalleled innovation is a consistent theme here at Everlast Climbing. To complement our successful line of climbing products, we have developed a brand-new line of “ninja-style” products that guarantees to keep children of all ages engaged and having fun, while also participating in beneficial physical education. The popularity of ninja obstacle course television shows has grown in recent years, and children will love to be able to experience a similar course for themselves. “The Hijinx Ninja Course will spark excitement in kids of all ages,” stated Tim Sudeith, General Manager of Everlast Climbing. “It’s the perfect addition to our product line and will motivate kids to be physically active.”

The Hijinx Ninja Obstacle courses come in four different packages with varying supplies designed to target specific age ranges from 5 to 18. All of these packages are ideal for schools, camps, or even children’s parties. Each course is versatile and can be designed in an endless number of different ways, so the kids can complete a different course each time. Kids, tweens, and teens will all find these courses to be an engaging challenge that promotes fitness in an enjoyable way.

The great thing about this new line is that each package is unique, so every age group can benefit from these fun courses. The K-2nd Grade Package is perfectly designed for this age group and helps develop balance, coordination and gross motor skills. Our 3rd-5th Grade Package brings some additional challenge and excitement ideal for upper-elementary-age children. The 6th-8th Grade Package is the perfect package to keep middle-schoolers engaged, challenged and having fun. Our 9th-12th Grade Package is our most challenging package, and is perfect for high-schoolers. All of our packages guarantee to provide kids with a fun opportunity to get physically active. Get your Hijinx Ninja Package Today!   

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