National Family Health and Fitness Day

National Family Health and Fitness Day is happening this month on June 8th. This day is a great reminder of how important it is to get out and get active as a family. According to child psychologist Dr. Sasha Lynn from an article by Bupa, “Physical activity benefits us on so many levels- from regulating mood, to helping with sleep patterns, to keeping our neurochemicals firing. It can help manage stress; it can be a great source of social connection and can balance out our day-to-day lives. Doing it as a family can further strengthen our bonds, which benefits us all.” Engaging in physical activity with your family is a great way to stay fit and active while also building everlasting bonds.

Everlast Climbing™ greatly values both physical activity and family connections. Here are a few ideas that your family can use to incorporate rock climbing with family bonding. Have fun!

    1. Materials Needed: Traverse® Climbing Wall & Balls
    2. Activity: Climbers line up and start climbing one at a time from one end of the wall. When they get to a position on the climbing wall where they are across from a tosser, they should stop climbing, turn and catch the ball and toss it back. The toss can be overhand or underhand.
  2. Climbing in the night
    1. Materials Needed: Traverse® Climbing Wall & Blindfolds
    2. Activity: One person is the blindfolded climber and the other is the sighted guide. The sighted guide starts the activity by carefully leading the blindfolded climber to the start of the wall. Through a series of verbal instructions given by the sighted guide, the blindfolded climber gradually makes his/her way across the Traverse Wall.

  1. Sarah Says
    1. Materials Needed: Traverse® Climbing Wall & Sarah Says Command Cards
    2. Activity: This is a climbing wall version of the traditional children’s game of a similar name in which commands are given and movements are allowed only if the command is preceded by “Sarah says…” One person will climb while the other is “Sarah” and gives commands.

We hope these fun Traverse® Wall Activities will help you get active while engaging in quality family time. Don’t forget to participate in National Family Health and Fitness Day on June 8th!

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