Traverse Wall® Accessories – Why You Want Them & What Skills They Build

Traverse Wall® Accessories – Why You Want Them & What Skills They Build

Bringing new experiences and challenges to the climbing experience helps maintain climbers’ interest over time and works to build new skills.

We are highlighting three accessories, why you want them and what skills they build.

Climbing Wall Challenge Course

The Climbing Wall Challenge Course offers exciting opportunities for individual and team challenges on your rock wall. Three sizes of foam noodles fit into specially-designed hand holds to form loops, lines and starburst obstacles for children to climb over, under, around and through. With 47 pieces, the possibilities are endless.

Why You Want It: Not only does it bring a variety of fun new challenges to the climbing wall, it’s very versatile and can be used in many different ways.

Skills It Develops: Problem solving, flexibility, patience, strength & coordination

Boy climbing through the climbing wall challenge course


Climbing Volumes instantly add dimension and a pop of color to your climbing wall! They easily screw onto an existing climbing wall and have t-nuts on each side for the installation of hand holds. This brings a new challenge, especially if climbers grab just the Volume. Available in orange and/or blue.

Why You Want It: Have you been to a climbing gym lately? They’re loaded with volumes. Up your game.

Skills It Develops: Problem solving, perseverance & strength

Boy climbing on volumes

Magna® Flags

Fun and eye-catching, Magna® Flags are great for game playing during climbing wall activities. Each flag hangs from a magnet that fits securely into the bolt hole of a climbing hold and is easy to grab, move, toss and place. Available in sets of 10 (mixed colors: red, yellow and green flags).

  • Why You Want It: Everyone loves a target practice game. And it’s under $100.
  • Skills It Develops: Hand-eye coordination, throwing, strength, problem solving & coordination
Boy tossing a Magna Flag while rock climbing

    Want to learn more about our accessories? Watch Traverse Wall® Accessories & Curriculum. This on-demand webinar is only 17 minutes long.

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