The Devil is in the Details

The Devil is in the Details

As a company, an important goal of ours is to help our customers and end users get the most out of our products. To this end, we provide curriculum/activity guides, on-site training, webinars and continuously innovate our product line. We know that getting a climbing wall is a big investment and we want to ensure a huge return for our customers. Here are some ways we have thought about the details to enhance the climbing experience – for the climber and the supervisor.

 Discovery Plates on a Traverse Wall by Everlast Climbing

Discovery® Plates

Discovery® Plates were created to bring cross-curricular opportunities to the climbing wall. These dry-erase plates are installed behind hand holds and can be written on and also accept magnets. They not only help Active Schools meet their goals by enabling classroom educators to merge classroom learning with climbing, they also sometimes help schools get the funding they need to buy a climbing wall by allowing the whole school to use the climbing wall, not just the physical education department.  

 Sidelock security feature by Everlast Climbing


Our Sidelocks take our patented Mat-Locking® System to the next level. This add-on feature closes each end (side) of your climbing wall, preventing someone from climbing between the mats and the closed climbing wall. Sidelocks are one way we go the extra mile to help you enforce the important safety rule of only allowing supervised climbing.

Custom Mural Climbing Wall by Everlast Climbing

Custom Mural Walls

Don’t see what you want from our extensive Traverse Wall® offering? You can create your own look with a Custom Mural Climbing Wall. Simply provide us with the artwork and we will develop custom-color hand holds to complement the design. We will also create a custom t-nut pattern so that hand holds will be properly placed so as not to interfere with the design. You can choose a logo, mascot, photograph or original artwork as long as it meets the design and size specifications we provide to you.

Outlet frame for a climbing wall by Everlast Climbing

Outlet Frames

We pride ourselves on the great look of our climbing walls. Our walls not only bring amazing climbing opportunities, they’re works of art. To keep them as pretty as possible, we developed Outlet Frames. They go around the holes we cut into panels to accommodate electrical outlets and not only keep your climbing wall looking good, they keep the outlets accessible and can be used as foot holds by climbers.

Girl climbing through the Versa Challenge Course on a Traverse Wall by Everlast Climbing

Climbing Wall Accessories

We recognize that your climbers will be using the climbing wall for many years and we want to keep them engaged and challenged for the long haul. Our extensive line of climbing wall accessories are there to bring new experiences to the climbing wall and develop skills in climbers.

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