Overview of our WeeKidz® Early Childhood Line

Overview of our WeeKidz® Early Childhood Line

Did you know that we have a dynamic line of climbing walls and fitness products for children ages 3-5? Getting children active during the early childhood years sets them on the right path to a physically-active lifestyle. Check out all our options to get little ones excited to move. They’re perfect for day care centers, early childhood centers, preschools, camps and home use.

WeeKidz® Traverse Walls

We offer three types of early childhood climbing walls that all help to develop strength, gross motor skills, coordination and problem solving abilities. Our WeeKidz® Traverse Wall is 6’10” high and can be as wide as there is space. It features our Magna® surface which allows for the placement of magnets to bring literacy, math and other learning to the climbing experience.

Our Beginner WeeKidz® Traverse Wall is the preschool version of our popular Standard Wall. It features a rock-realistic surface and grab-bar style hand holds and ledge-style foot holds to offer some extra stability for young climbers.

 Young boy rock climbing

For organizations that lack available wall space for an installed climbing wall, we offer our freestanding WeeKidz® Tyke Tower. This climbing wall stands 5 feet tall and has four climbing panels that are 4-feet wide providing 16’ of horizontal climbing. Watch the little ones go around and around. The Magna® surface allows for placement of magnets to integrate cross-curricular activities.

 Young children climbing on a Weekidz Tyke Tower by Everlast Climbing

WeeKidz® Challenge Course

Our WeeKidz® Challenge Course gets kids running, stepping, hopping and crawling over, under, around and through a variety of fun obstacles. There are arches, slalom courses, agility rings, different shapes, high hurdles, low hurdles, balance beams and more! An activity guide with illustrated instructions helps facilitators create the obstacles.

WeeKidz® Balance Beams & Balance Boxes

Our balance line offers fun ways to help develop balance and coordination in young children. We offer two type of balance beams. The WeeKidz® Balance Beams are lightweight, durable and attach to each other with hook and loop fasteners to create a variety of paths on which to walk or crawl.  Sets are available with shapes, numbers and letters printed on top to bring in additional learning opportunities.

Girls on balance beams

The WeeKidz® Puzzle Beams link together with unique puzzle connectors. Children can use fine motor skills and their imaginations to create interesting paths across which to travel.

The WeeKidz® Balance Boxes are made of beautiful, smooth and firm birch wood. This product offers a fun balancing challenge with six different-sized boxes and six planks that connect to the boxes at a variety of height options. The possibilities are endless, and children will have fun creating their own courses.

Girl walking on Balance Boxes by Everlast Climbing

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