Get Students Climbing the Walls during National PE & Sport Week


Despite its name, this activity will turn up the heat! Have students get on the climbing wall, spaced about a foot apart and moving in the same direction. Ask for a non-climbing volunteer to be the caller. This person will say “freeze” at random intervals. At that time, all climbers must freeze and hold that position (even if a hand or foot is reaching for a hold) for a moment or two until the caller says “unfreeze.” If a climber moves when s/he is supposed to be frozen, s/he must climb down from the climbing wall and becomes the new caller. The previous caller joins the climbers at the start of the climbing wall. The object of the activity is to see how many times the climbing wall can be traversed without being the caller. This activity builds endurance and strength. Did you know that our website has over twenty lessons posted? Check them out!

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