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Climbing Wall Activities

Indoor rock climbing is one of the most innovative physical activities today. There’s no better way to develop and enhance physical, social and academic skills. To help develop those skills, our team of educators has written a variety of climbing wall lesson plans to challenge and captivate children of varying ages and abilities. Below you’ll find a sampling of climbing wall games and climbing wall activities. If you have developed your own climbing wall activities, and are willing to share them, please submit them to our Marketing Department.

Traverse Wall Activities

Welcome to the Wall - Climbing Wall Activity

Welcome to the Wall
Participants are introduced to the climbing wall in a non-threatening manner with a simulated climb across the Traverse Wall.

Climbers Spider Web

Climbers Spiders Web
Climbers create interesting patterns as they climb while unraveling a ball of yarn.

Mirror, Mirror - Climbing Wall Activity

Mirror, Mirror on the Climbing Wall
Climbers “mirror” the actions of their partners on the climbing wall.

Wall Scrabble - Climbing Wall Activity

Climbing Wall Scramble
Climbers are challenged to find certain letters on the wall to create words.

Following a Route map

Following a Route Map
Participants learn to read route maps and verbally communicate the route to their climbing partners.

Cross-Curricular Wall Activities

Parts of Speech Route Climbing
Recognize different parts of speech while traversing the wall using only certain hand holds.

Place Value Placement
Climbers traverse the wall while placing digits in the correct “place” to create specific numbers.

Discovery Dry-Erase Wall Activities

Climb and Define
Climbers define vocabulary words in this elimination activity.

Fraction Reduction
Climbers traverse the wall while reducing a certain number of fractions along the way.

Climbing Wall Accessory Activities

Magna Flag Activity
Flag Toss

Climbers toss flags into buckets while traversing the wall.

Discovery Plate Activity
Greater, Less Than or Equal

Climbers  traverse the wall while placing the correct sign between numbers on the Discovery Plates.

Discovery Plate Activity
Scrabble Anyone?

Climbers make their way to certain letters to spell words.

Challenge Course Activity
Jungle Rescue

Climbers work as a team to rescue stranded “tree snails” while climbing.

Team Building Activities

All Aboard Activities
Shrinking Platform

Students have to fit onto two smaller platforms, needing additional brainstorming, problem solving and action planning.

Marble Maze Activity
Team Marble Maze

Students work as a team to get the marble through the maze without it falling into any of the holes.

Safari Jungle Gym Activities

Safari Monkey Bars
Jumping Monkey

Students jump their way across the mats under the monkey bars trying to touch as many hanging scarves as they can.

Safari Wild Web Activity
Web Harvest

Students pretend to be spiders and “eat” all the “bugs” that have gotten trapped in their web.

StartFIT Activities

K – 2 Classroom Package
Streamer Warmup

Students make shapes, letters, and figures using streamers.  Lots of crossing the mid-line! Click here to view more classroom activities for Kindergarten to 2nd Grade.

3 – 5 Classroom Package
Inchworm and Apple Ball

An activity that gets the whole class moving.  Teams pass a ball using different maneuvers.

Fitness Circuit Package
Quick Feet Circuit

This shows an example of one of the circuit maps in the Fitness Circuit Package.

Warm-Up Circuit Package
Core Circuit

This shows an example of one of the circuit maps in the Warm-Up Circuit Package.