Everlast Climbing Holiday Gift Buying Guide

Everlast Climbing Holiday Gift Buying Guide

Make it the best holiday season ever with gifts that inspire physical activity and teamwork. Order by December 1 for delivery by Christmas!

Gifts for the Climbers in Your Life

These fantastic Groperz® hand hold sets are the perfect addition to any home climbing wall. They include a hand-picked assortment of sizes and varying colors and are available in sets of 50, 100 or 150. Sold with or without bolts. Receive 20% off any online order placed before December 1 with code HOME2023.

Groperz hand holds

Gifts for Children Ages 3-6

Our WeeKidz® Balance Beams are a fun way to help younger children develop balance AND literacy and math skills. They feature the alphabet, numbers or shapes and are sold as a complete set of 5 beams, or you can purchase the alphabet, numbers and shapes separately. The hook and loop fastening system on each end allows them to be connected to create straight or angled paths. They’re lightweight, easy to clean and perfect for home use. An activity guide is included to get you started.

Girls walking on WeeKidz Balance Beams by Everlast Climbing

Our WeeKidz® Puzzle Beams help to develop balance and coordination, along with problem-solving skills. This is another great option to bring more physical activity into the home. The beams link together with unique puzzle connectors for young children to create interesting paths across which to travel. An activity guide is included.

Children walking on WeeKidz Puzzle Beams by Everlast Climbing

Our WeeKidz® Balance Boxes offer a fun balancing challenge. Six different sized boxes and six planks can be configured in a variety of different ways to build balance and coordination. Made of beautiful and smooth birch wood, this versatile toy has uses beyond balance activities that your kiddos will discover. An activity guide is included.

Girl on Balance Boxes by Everlast Climbing

Gifts for Tweens and Teens

When family and friends come over, nobody will be bored when challenged with a teambuilding activity. Don’t Lose Your Marbles engages up to eight participants in getting one or more marble to travel through tubes without dropping to the floor. An activity guide is included.

Tweens playing Don't Lose Your Marbles by Everlast Climbing

Marble Maze challenges up to six participants to move marbles through the maze. These activities are not only fun, but they help to develop problem solving, communication and cooperation. An activity guide is included.

 Teenagers playing with the Marble Maze by Everlast Climbing

A Gift for the Whole Family

Home Climbing Wall is the gift they’ll remember forever and one that can be enjoyed by every member of the family! With a Traverse Wall® you don’t need a high ceiling or ropes, harnesses and other equipment. They’re the perfect addition to a game room or existing sport court. We can even take care of the installation for you!

Home Climbing Wall by Everlast Climbing

Top Rope Wall or Vertical Climbing Wall will bring some extra challenge and is a great option if you have room for it. Your home climbing wall can be customized to fit your space, aesthetics and budget. A vertical climbing wall also includes a training that covers safety, maintenance, belay protocols and more. 

Home climbing wall by Everlast Climbing

Nor room inside? Our Playground Wall™ is perfect for the backyard. It is eight feet high and freestanding, offering climbing on two sides! It’s available in gray or clear panels. The best part about the clear panels is that climbers can see other climbers climbing through the wall! Required landing surface is not included with this climbing wall and will need to be furnished by the homeowner.

Playground Wall by Everlast Climbing

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