Top Rope Climbing Wall with Two Roofs and Three Overhangs
Top Rope Climbing Wall with Two Roofs and Three Overhangs Top Rope Climbing Wall Boy on Climbing Wall Top Rope Climbing Wall Three Climbers Top Rope Climbing Wall View From the Top Top Rope Climbing Wall Belaying

Top Rope Climbing Wall

Top Rope Climbing Walls offer a challenging climbing experience and opportunities to build teamwork, trust and advanced problem-solving skills. Because every Top Rope Wall is custom designed to fit your facility and program needs, please contact us so that we can walk through all the details with you: 1.800.476.7366 or
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  • Top Rope Climbing Wall


    Are you looking for a more challenging climbing experience? Top Rope Climbing Walls, also known as Vertical Climbing Walls, offer climbers additional challenges and skill development beyond Traverse Walls.  Adolescent and adult climbers will thrive on the differentiated challenges featured on our Vertical Climbing Walls. Not only do Vertical Walls build on climbers’ physical skills and problem-solving abilities, they also promote courage, communication and team building.

    Our Top Rope Climbing Walls can be customized to meet individual program needs. They are typically 20-40-feet high and are constructed of a textured wood in a panel system that attaches directly to your facility wall. They are available in the following panel styles: Standard, Relief-Feature, Magna and Magna Relief-Feature. To add more dimension and challenge to your climbing wall, we can add features, cracks and overhangs. Reach new heights on a Vertical Climbing Wall!

    Special equipment and training are required for vertical climbing walls. Each Top Rope Package includes our patented Mat-Locking System, harnesses, carabiners, helmets, ropes, belay devices and a one-day, on-site staff training.

    Because every Top Rope Wall is custom designed to fit your facility and program needs, please contact us so that we can walk through all the details with you: 1.800.476.7366 or
  • FAQs

    What surfaces can be used in a top rope wall?

    Top Rope Wall are available in the following panel styles: Standard, Magna, Relief Feature or Magna Relief Feature. There is also an option to have some panels be Mural panels.

    How high can you build my top rope climbing wall?

    Top Rope Climbing Walls can be built as tall as you like, and as your building will support. Most Top Rope walls are from 20' to 40' in height.

    What kind of training do I need to use the wall?

    We provide personalized, on-site training with every Top Rope Wall purchase. The comprehensive one-day inservice is facilitated by an experienced educator and focuses on the essential knowledge and skills required to create a safe and rewarding climbing wall experience. The hands-on training includes: An introduction to climbing, including information about equipment, opportunities to learn climbing techniques and actively practice these skills; belay instruction, active practice and demonstration of skill; safety and risk management procedures and protocols; information about climbing wall and equipment inspection, maintenance and record keeping; and a Question/Answer session.

    How do I replace equipment over time?

    Please contact us to replace any equipment. We offer a 30% discount on ropes, harnesses, helmets, carabiners and belay devices to our past customers to help them replace products that are approved by us.

  • Shipping and Install


    Your top rope climbing wall will ship to the delivery address you specify via truck. We cannot deliver to PO Boxes.

    You will need to meet the truck, break down the crate, and carry each piece of the climbing wall inside. This can take as little as 25 minutes with a group of 4-6 people. Lift gate is not available on any orders. If unloading is not an option for you, Inside Delivery is available. Please contact your salesperson to add this to your order.

    Please inspect all pallets and boxes before signing for the delivery. If there is any damage, you MUST note the damage on the delivery receipt BEFORE you sign it, or a damage claim cannot be filed with the trucking company. This is very important – please notify your receiving personnel and the person who usually signs for deliveries of this fact. Call us if there is any apparent damage and we will work with you to resolve the problem. Do not throw away any damaged material.

    Please protect your shipment until the installation takes place. Any damage occurring after receipt is your responsibility.


    Professional climbing wall installation by Everlast Climbing is included with every Top Rope Climbing wall purchase.