Discovery Dry-Erase Plates Climbing Wall Accessory
Discovery Dry-Erase Plates Climbing Wall Accessory Discovery Dry-Erase Plates Climbing Wall Accessory Product Shot Discovery Dry-Erase Plates Climbing Wall Accessory Writing Activity Discovery Dry-Erase Plates Climbing Wall Accessory Close Up

Discovery® Plates

Set of ten magnetic, dry-erase Discovery® Plates provide a surface for games, learning or route setting on your climbing wall. Easily mounted between climbing grips and the climbing wall.
  • Discovery Plates


    Discovery Plates® are magnetic, dry-erase plates fit between the traverse climbing wall and hand holds and eliminate the hassle of using tape and tag board when trying to set routes, play games or integrate learning. Instructors and participants can write on them with markers or place and remove magnets. Great for cross-curricular learning in the physical education classroom.

    Each set of 10 Discovery® Plates includes five sample activities and over 500 word, letter and math magnets. Mounting hardware and allen wrench also included. Discovery Plates are 12" x 12" in size.

    Visit Climbing Wall Activities in our Learn Section to download two different activities that can be used with the Discovery Plates.  Great educational climbing equipment!

    WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD €“ Small Parts. Not for children under 3 yrs. This product contains small magnets. Do not ingest or inhale.


  • Specifications

    Dimensions 12"x12"
    Installation Time 1 hr
    Age Appropriate Elementary, Middle & High School
    Includes 10 Discovery Plates, 10 2€³ Bolts, Math Magnets, Word Magnets, Allen Wrench
  • FAQs

    How do I mount the Discovery Plates to the wall?

    The Discovery Plates mount behind an existing hand hold your wall. Unscrew the hand hold bolt, remove the hold, place the center hole in the plate over the t-nut in the wall, line up the hand hold over the hole, and screw the bolt back in. Downloadable installation instructions are available in the Installation Information below.

    How can I use the Discovery Plates?

    The Discovery Plates come with a set of five activities. Activities include math games like "Greater, Less Than or Equal" where you have climbers write the appropriate symbol in a math equations, and vocabulary word games like "Climb and Define" where climbers make there way across vocabulary words.

  • Shipping and Install


    This product ships via FedEx.


    Discovery Plates mount easily to your traverse climbing wall using the mounting system for the hand holds.  Simply remove the bolt from an existing hand hold on the wall, place the discovery plate between the wall and the hand hold, lining up the holes, and reattach the bolt to the wall.  For additional information, download Installation Instructions:

    Blue-Doc_30px  Discovery Plates Installation Instructions