Groperz Beginner Route-Setting Hand Holds €“ Set D

Beginner Route Setting Hand Holds Set D

This set of 10 beginner hand holds featuring large sizes and easier grips.
  • Beginner Route-Setting Hand Holds Set D

    Beginner hand holds featuring large, easy-to-grab designs. This set of 10 hand holds helps beginners find success on the climbing wall. They're ideal for setting beginning level climbing routes.

    • Color coded green to identify them as beginner level hand holds, useful for setting climbing wall routes
    • Embossed with identifiers that correspond to route maps in the Route-Setting Guide (sold separately)
    • Mounting hardware and 5/16" Allen wrench included

    Protected by one or more U.S. Patents. View our patents.

  • Specifications

    Age Appropriate Elementary, Middle & High School
    Color Green
    Contains 10 Hand Holds, Mounting Hardware, Allen Wrench
  • FAQs

    Why are these hand holds only available in green?

    These holds are intentionally green because they are beginner level hand holds. We make them easy to identify by beginner climbers and route setters looking to set beginning climbing wall routes.

    How do you clean climbing holds?

    First, remove them from the climbing wall. Then scrub them with mild soap and water with a nylon bristle brush. They can also be put into the dishwasher. Be sure to let hand holds air dry completely before remounting on the climbing wall.

  • Shipping and Install


    The hand holds will ship via FedEx.


    Groperz Hand Holds mount easily to the traverse wall using a standardized bolt which attaches to a t-nut mounted in the wall.  For more information, download complete installation instructions:

    Blue-Doc_30px  Bolt-On: Groperz Hand Holds Instructions