Summer Learning with Our On-demand Webinars

Summer Learning with Our On-demand Webinars

Summer is a great time to learn something new and our on-demand webinars are here to help you build upon your climbing knowledge and will provide you with new ideas for your Traverse Wall®. The on-demand format offers you the flexibility to fit learning into your summer schedule and some of them are eligible for CEUs. Check them out!

School of Rock…Climbing (80 minutes)

Get amazing new ideas for your Traverse Wall®! This webinar includes best practices, tips and a variety of dynamic climbing wall activities. Special guest panelist and physical educator, Matt Barrows, will share information about his innovative climbing program in the North Kansas City Schools. (This webinar is eligible for continuing education credits.)

30 in 30: 30 Traverse Wall Activities (30 minutes)

In Celebration of our 30th year in business, we created this fast-paced webinar sharing our favorite activities. Individual, cooperative, competitive and cross- curricular activities are featured. Some are climbing wall games; some develop climbing technique and others work on social-emotional and cognitive skills. All are fun! You’ll get a lot of ideas in not a lot of time. (This webinar is eligible for continuing education credits.)

Traverse Wall Accessories & Curriculum (17 minutes)

Are you looking to maintain interest over time, engage the older children in your climbing program, conduct cross-curricular activities on the climbing wall or develop advanced climbing skills? This webinar provides an overview of our accessories and curriculum that can help you do all of this!

Climb On (49 minutes)

This webinar is for people who do not yet have a climbing wall. It explores the rationale for adding climbing, including the many benefits it offers. Attendees will receive an overview of the different types of climbing walls available and guidance on how to choose the one that best meets specific needs. They’ll also learn about safety and risk management protocols and some of the exciting activities that can be hosted on a rock wall. Leave inspired and equipped to start planning for a new climbing wall! (This webinar is eligible for continuing education credits.)

Choosing a Traverse Wall® (29 minutes)

Are you curious about adding a Traverse Wall to your program and want to know what options you have? Or, are you experienced with teaching climbing and moving to a new school or organization that does not have a climbing wall, and you’d like to add one? If so, this webinar is for you! Learn all about our innovative Traverse Walls in this informative webinar that will help you choose the perfect climbing wall to meet your program needs.

If you have an idea for a webinar, or would like to join us in a webinar to share information about your climbing program, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact us!

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