Our Three Most Versatile Climbing Wall Accessories

Our Three Most Versatile Climbing Wall Accessories

Adding accessories to your climbing wall is a great way to maintain climber interest over time by creating new climbing experiences, as well as develop new climbing skills. Here are our most versatile climbing wall accessories that bring the most bang for the buck!

Traverse Wall® Challenge Course


This dynamic product offers exciting opportunities for individual and team challenges. Three sizes of foam "noodles" fit into specially-designed Climbing Hand Holds to form loops, lines and starburst obstacles for children to climb over, under, around and through. You can also place balls on the course. Climbing wall supervisors can set up courses and/or climbers can be involved in their creation. This is one of our most popular climbing wall games.

The set includes:

  • 6 Small Single-Noodle Holds
  • 6 Large Quintuple-Noodle Holds, 6 72-inch Noodles
  • 10 18-inch Noodles
  • 14 12-inch Noodles
  • 5 Activity Balls
  • 5 sample climbing wall challenge course activities
  • All required hardware

Discovery® Plates

Discovery Plates are magnetic, dry-erase plates that fit between the Traverse Wall® and hand holds and are great for integrating classroom learning with climbing and game playing. They can be written on with the markers or used with magnets. Each set of 10 includes over 500 word, letter and math magnets. An activity guide with five activities gets you started in how to use this dynamic climbing wall accessory.

Ultimate Traverse Wall® Challenge Course

Add some Ninja-style challenges with this course. Three types of holds offer different challenge levels to help build upper-body strength. They can be intermixed throughout your climbing wall, used in their own sections or used along with foot holds to vary the challenge.

The full set includes 6 Hook Holds, 6 Loop Holds, 12 Peg Holds, 8 Rings, 2 Pegs, an activity guide and mounting hardware. It is also available in component sets:

  • Hook Holds (6 Hook Holds with 2 Rings, Activity Guide and Mounting Hardware)
  • Loop Holds (6 Loop Holds with 6 Rings, Activity Guide and Mounting Hardware)
  • Peg Holds (2 Peg Holds with 2 Pegs, Activity Guide and Mounting Hardware)


Learn more about our accessories by attending this 17-minute recorded webinar and reading this guest blog post: Dynamic Traverse Climbing with Accessories.

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