Let Us Help You Get a Climbing Wall: Resources & Support

Let Us Help You Get a Climbing Wall: Resources & Support

We are inspired by the many benefits of rock climbing and it’s our mission to get as many people climbing as possible. We know that there are barriers to adding a climbing wall – approval and funding are two big ones. Check out our library of resources that we think will inspire and assist you in your efforts to add climbing to your program.

Resources that Educate

We offer multiple fact sheets on the Learn page of our website. They range from Ten Great Reasons for Building a Climbing Wall to the Benefits of Climbing for Children with Special Needs. We also include many news articles related to climbing and its benefits and videos of how organizations are using their climbing walls. These resources are educational and inspirational. Be sure to review them all.

We also have a library of on-demand webinars. If you are just getting starting in the process, we recommend Climb On! It explores the rationale for adding climbing, including the many benefits it offers. You will receive an overview of the different types of climbing walls available and guidance on how to choose the one that best meets specific needs. You’ll also learn about safety and risk management protocols and some of the exciting activities that can be hosted on a rock wall. It’s 49 minutes long.

Those who are a little further along in the planning process will benefit from our Choosing a Traverse Wall®. This 29-minute webinar includes an overview of our Traverse Walls® and what’s included in our Traverse Wall® Packages. It also provides detailed information about each of our innovative climbing wall panel styles.

Our Educational Climbing Blog is another helpful resource. We post blogs weekly and keep past blog posts on our website. Use the search feature to look for something specific or read these to get a feel for what we bog about: Thinking About Getting a Traverse Wall®? Answers to 5 Frequently Asked Questions, Choosing the Perfect Climbing Wall and Safety Surfacing 101: Choosing the Right Safety Mats.

Videos that Bring Climbing to Life

Our YouTube Channel has many videos of our products and also one about “Why Climbing.” These videos are great to share with stakeholders or to show at meetings since the decision makers may not understand indoor rock climbing. Seeing climbers “in action” is very informative, fun and persuasive.

Resources to Help with Funding

Don’t let funding challenges be a barrier to building your climbing wall. We are proud to offer climbing wall funding support through a grant discount program. Our Climbing Wall Demo-Site Program is an easy-to-access discount given to clients who are willing to serve as demonstration sites for Standard, Magna®, Relief-Feature™ and Magna® Relief-Feature™ Climbing Walls. Visit our Demo-Site Program page to get more information. 

We are also pleased to offer How to Fund Your Climbing Wall: A Comprehensive Guide of Funding Opportunities, Ideas & Resources. The guide includes lists and information about national and state grants that provide funding for physical education equipment, like climbing walls. Other fundraising initiatives and many resources are also included. Download your state’s guide and get started raising money!

Visit a Demo Site Near You

Remember that Demo Site Discount previously mentioned? You can benefit from that as a prospective customer by contacting us to see if there’s one near you. We will connect you with the Demo Site and you can see their climbing wall in person to really help you get a feel for all it has to offer and talk with the climbing wall supervisor to hear firsthand how climbing has enhanced their programming.

Customized Resources

We are happy to provide you with additional information, images and even PowerPoint presentations that are customized to your organization and climbing wall dreams. Simply email or call us at 800.476.7366 and we will support you in every way possible.

Best wishes as you embark on this exciting opportunity and know that we are here to help!

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