Add Ninja Elements to the Climbing Wall

Add Ninja Elements to the Climbing Wall

Bringing new challenges to the climbing wall is necessary to maintain climber interest over time and to continuously develop new climbing skills. Adding some Ninja elements to the climbing experience will not only get your climber excited, it’ll help to further develop upper body strength and agility. In fact, Ninja training has many benefits which we outlined in a past blog post. Here are ideas to add some “Ninja flavor” to your Traverse Wall®.

Add Roped Challenges

Provide a variety of roped challenges with the Safari® Ninja Circuit that includes knotted ropes, rings and disks. Install on one or both ends of the climbing wall to extend the climbing experience.

Add a Challenging New Activity or Accessory

Climbing Wall Cone Challenge is a fun activity that requires strength, coordination and balance -- all necessary for success on a Ninja course. 

You can add obstacles to the climbing wall with accessories. The Versa® Challenge Course requires climbers to make their way through hoops attached to the climbing wall. The Climbing Wall Challenge Course also creates an obstacle course but with foam noodles. Each course is versatile and can be configured to accommodate a variety of ages and abilities.

Girl Climbing through the Versa Challenge Course on a Traverse Wall by Everlast Climbing

Add Special Hand Holds

The Ultimate Challenge Course includes three specially-designed hand holds. One set is a peg hold that essentially adds the challenges of a peg board to the climbing wall. The second set is a hook hold that includes rings that climbers must place over the hooks in order to climb. And the third set is a loop hold that brings variety to the hand hold options.

Peg hold from Everlast Climbing   Hook hold by Everlast Climbing   Loop hold by Everlast Climbing

Add Indoor Jungle Gym Elements

The Safari® Indoor Jungle Gym line includes a cargo net, monkey bars and other unique Ninja-like obstacles that can be installed on either end of the climbing wall, or between climbing wall panel sections. These elements bring extra challenge and adventure to the climbing experience.

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