Gray Playground Wall™
Gray Playground Wall™ Gray Playground Wall™

Gray Playground Wall™

This freestanding playground rock climbing wall features climbing on both sides.
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  • Gray Playground Wall


    Climb the walls… even outside! Our freestanding playground rock climbing wall allows for climbing on both sides, making it perfect for playgrounds, schoolyards or backyards. It’s really fun for climbers to reach the end and transfer to the opposite side of the climbing wall! Each Playground Wall™ includes yellow, orange and red Groperz® Hand Holds to offer a variety of options for climbers to use as they traverse. Try the extra challenge of climbing using only hand holds of the same color!

    Waterproof, durable and easy to clean, each gray climbing wall panel includes Groperz® Hand Holds and zinc-plated bolts. Panels are mounted to blue powder-coated steel posts. Sold as 12′ long, or make your playground rock climbing wall longer with additional panel purchases. IPEMA CERTIFIED.

    The Playground Wall is available in two heights: 6′ (for ages 3-5 and 5-12) and 8′ (for ages 5-12). We also offer a Clear Playground Wall.

    Required safety landing surface not included.

    Protected by one or more U.S. Patents. View our patents.

  • Specifications

    Size 6′ High 8′ High
    Dimensions 6’H x 12’L 8’H x 12’L
    Climber Capacity 6 Climbers 6 Climbers
    # of Hand Holds 120 120
    Installation Time 8+ hours*  8+ hours*
    Fall Height  6′  8′
    Use Zone 13′ x 24′  13′ x 24′
    Weight 650 lbs 875 lbs
    Age Appropriate 3-5 and 5-12 5-12 yrs

    *Does not include concrete manufacturer’s recommended set time

  • FAQs

    How do I know what height to purchase?

    The age of participants is the best way to determine what height climbing wall you purchase. The 6'-high wall is suited for children 3-5 and 5-12 years old. The 8'-high wall is suited for children ages 5-12.

    How do the hand holds mount to the rock climbing wall?

    The hand holds mount to the panel through a patented system where a hand hold is attached on both sides of the wall, through the panel. Zinc plated bolts and stainless steel hardware is used.


    The play elements are all IPEMA certified and meet ASTM A-82/A-185.


    Safety surfacing is required, but not provided by Everlast Climbing. You have a variety of options and they should meet ASTM standards for fall heights.

  • Shipping and Install


    Your wall will ship to the delivery address you specify via truck.  We cannot deliver to PO Boxes.

    You will need to meet the truck and break down the crate. This can take as little as 25 minutes with a group of 4-6 people. Lift gate is not available on any orders.

    Please inspect all pallets and boxes before signing for the delivery. If there is any damage, you MUST note the damage on the delivery receipt BEFORE you sign it, or a damage claim cannot be filed with the trucking company. This is very important – please notify your receiving personnel and the person who usually signs for deliveries of this fact. Call us if there is any apparent damage and we will work with you to resolve the problem. Do not throw away any damaged material.

    Please protect your shipment until the installation takes place. Any damage occurring after receipt is your responsibility.


    Installation of the Playground Wall will need to be completed by people who are comfortable working with and pouring concrete.  Download complete installation instructions for all four wall types below.

    Blue-Doc_30px  6′ Standard Playground Climbing Wall Installation Instructions
    Blue-Doc_30px  8′ Standard Playground Climbing Wall Installation Instructions