Groperz Character Climbing Holds
Groperz Character Climbing Holds Character Climbing Holds on the Climbing Wall

Groperz® Character Holds

Hand Holds that spell out character education concepts like “Caring,” “Responsiblity,” “Honesty” and more. Holds mount directly to the wall using wood screws, so they can be placed virtually anywhere you want.
  • Groperz Character Holds


    Reinforce character education concepts with alphabet hand holds that spell out eight character traits. Use the character holds in conjunction with the Climbing for Character™ curriculum or develop your own activities and games. Mounting hardware included.

    Set 1: Caring, Responsibility, Honesty, Respect
    Set 2: Courage, Diligence, Trust, Kindness

    Character Holds correspond to the eight key character traits in our Climbing for Character activity guide (sold separately).

  • Specifications

    Character Hand Holds
    Set Set 1 Set 2
     Contains Caring, Responsibility, Honesty, Respect & mounting hardware Courage, Diligence, Kindness, Trust & mounting hardware
     Color Red, Green, Blue, Yellow Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
     Age Appropriate Elementary, Middle & High School Elementary, Middle & High School
  • FAQs

    How do I use character hand holds?

    Character hand holds reinforce character education traits from our Climbing for Character curriculum, or probably other, similar character education programs. They can also be used as hand holds to traverse the climbing wall.


    First, remove them from the climbing wall. Then scrub them with mild soap and water with a nylon bristle brush. They can also be put into the dishwasher. Be sure to let hand holds air dry completely before remounting on the climbing wall.

  • Shipping and Install


    The hand holds will ship via FedEx.


    Character Hand Holds mount easily to the traverse wall using wood screws.  For more information, download Installation  Instructions:

    Blue-Doc_30px  Easy Mount Hand Hold Installation Instructions