Climbing Wall Training and Inspection
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Climbing Wall Inspection Training

A professional safety inspection of your climbing wall combined with a refresher training for staff.
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  • Climbing Wall Inspection & Training

    Have you recently had your climbing wall and related hardware professionally inspected? Do you have new staff who need to be trained on the proper operation of your wall? Could your current staff benefit from a refresher training?

    This service includes an inspection of your wall as well as a review of your current risk management practices and procedures. Additionally, a climbing wall refresher training is hosted by an educator on our staff.


    • Examination of climbing wall surface (panels, hand holds and belay anchors)
    • Review of current risk management practices and procedures
    • Refresher training
    • Report of inspection outcomes and remediation recommendations, if applicable
    • NOTE: If your inspection report recommends that you replace equipment, please contact us to replace any equipment. We offer a 30% discount on ropes, harnesses, helmets, carabiners and belay devices to our past customers to help them replace products that are approved by us.