Traverse Wall Route Setting Map

Effective route setting on indoor climbing walls is very important because you want participants to not only enjoy their climbing, but to be challenged. However, good route setting is not easy. It requires climbing experience, creativity, patience and time. To simplify the route-setting process, we created and patented our Route-Setting Maps for use with our Groperz Route-Setting Hand Holds. Traverse Wall Route Maps contain easy, medium and hard rock climbing routes. We hope the Route Maps assist you in the pursuit of your instructional goals, and also inspire you to eventually create your own climbing wall routes.

Traverse Wall Route Maps for 10'-High Walls

Blue-Doc_30px  10' x 20' Climbing Wall

Blue-Doc_30px  10' x 32' Climbing Wall

Blue-Doc_30px  10' x 40' Climbing Wall

Blue-Doc_30px  10' x 48' Climbing Wall