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StartFit® Climbing Wall Fitness System

Create dynamic strength training stations on your climbing wall with unique hand holds and resistance bands.
  • StartFIT Climbing Wall Fitness System


    The StartFIT® Climbing Wall Fitness System can increase cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and flexibility using dynamic workout stations attached to the climbing wall.

    The StartFIT® System attaches to an existing climbing wall and incorporates resistance tube exercises along with a variety of fitness-enhancing exercises. The StartFIT® package includes resistance tubes of varying strengths; our detailed StartFIT® Guide; individual instruction cards for each exercise station and specially-designed StartFIT® Hand Holds to “host” each exercise. The instructional cards include information on activity set-up, proper form to be used, number of repetitions to be performed and the muscles used in the exercise. Cards include pictures of participants performing the activity and an anatomical cart of muscle usage for learning purposes. 

    Protected by one or more U.S. Patents. View our patents.

  • Specifications

    The StartFIT® Climbing Wall Fitness System is available in two sizes: Full and Small.

    StartFIT® Guide 1 1
    Instruction Cards 11 11
    StartFIT® Holds 13 7
    StartFIT® Step Holds 3 2
    30″ Easy Strength Resistance Bands 7 4
    30″ Medium Strength Resistance Bands 7 4
    18″ Easy Strength Resistance Bands 2 1
    Soft Black Handles for Resistance Bands 32 18


  • FAQs

    What types of exercises can be performed with StartFIT®?

    The StartFIT® instructional cards include 11 different exercises. Some examples are: Rowing, Shoulder press, Tricep Pushdown and Kneeling Crunches. Instructors can choose to add additional exercises with the included equipment.

    How does the StartFIT System enhance cardiovascular endurance?

    The StartFIT® Guide includes information about incorporating Cardio Stations to enhance the StartFIT® experience.

  • Shipping and Install


    Your product will ship via FedEx.


    It takes an estimated 1.5-2 hours to install the StartFIT® stations. Installation instructions are included with purchase.