Top 10 Reasons to Add a Climbing Wall to a Therapy Setting

Top 10 Reasons to Add a Climbing Wall to a Therapy Setting

Climbing walls can be used to develop a variety of skills and are the perfect addition to physical therapy and occupational therapy centers. Read on to see why.


  1. Builds muscle strength.
  2. Improves bilateral coordination (the ability to use both sides of the body together at the same time).
  3. Helps to improve executive function ability, such as problem solving and sequencing.
  4. Develops both fine and gross motor skills.
  5. Improves visual motor and visual perceptual skills.
  6. Builds confidence and self-esteem when goals are reached and climbing challenges are achived.
  7. Improves body awareness.
  8. Provides proprioceptive input which helps improve sensory integration.
  9. Improves range of motion and flexibility.
  10. Is fun and can be a good motivator!

Girl climbing on an Adaptive Wall by Everlast Climbing

Our Traverse Walls® are the typical choice for therapy centers and hospitals, with our Adaptive Climbing Wall and Climb-Able™ Wall being the best sellers due to their inclusive and adaptive features.

Boy climbing on a Climb-Able Wall by Everlast Climbing

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