Spring Scavenger Hunt on the Traverse Wall®

The first day of spring was March 20th. What better way to celebrate the new season than with a themed scavenger hunt. Give it a try and tell us how it went in the comments.

Spring Scavenger Hunt on the Traverse Wall®

Climbers are challenged to find signs of spring hidden on the climbing wall.

Grade Level: K and up


  • A variety of small toys/items related to spring (or photos of them): flowers, birds, feathers, worms, rabbits, nests, eggs, the sun, bees, butterflies, frogs, green leaves, trees, etc.
  • Hang a sign above the climbing wall “Spring has Sprung!” (optional).
  • Hang several signs (see example) at the end of the climbing wall for climbers to write or draw one thing they found during their climb.
  • Pencils

Advance Set Up: Place items on hand holds and/or tape photos on the climbing wall. There should be several per panel, high and low. Hang sign(s) and have pencils available.


Before they climb, let climbers know that there are many signs of spring “hiding” on the climbing wall. Challenge them to find as many as possible. Have them look, but not touch or remove them. For older children, you can challenge them to find a specific number of things. For example, “Try to find the 5 hidden feathers.” Once the climb is completed, have climbers write or draw one thing that they found and climb again to find more signs of spring.

National Standards: 1,2,3,4 & 5

Grade-Level Outcomes: 

  • Non-locomotor (S1.E7, S1.E8, S1.E10)
  • Movement concepts (S2.E1, S2.E2)
  • Engages in physical activity (S3.E2, S3.M3, S3.M4, S3.M5)
  • Personal responsibility (S4.E1, S4.E2, S4.M1, S4.M2)
  • Rules & etiquette (S4.E5, S4.M5, S4.M6)
  • Safety (S4.E6, S4.M7)
  • Challenge (S5.E2, S5.M3)

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