FAQ: A List of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a Traverse Wall®? A Traverse Wall is climbed horizontally instead of vertically. This is a perfect wall for kids as it guarantees that kids are never too far off the ground. No ropes or harnesses are needed with this wall. This wall is typically 8’ or 10’ high and comes in sections to allow you to choose a desired length.

  • What is the average cost of building an indoor climbing wall? The average cost of building an indoor climbing wall depends on a variety of things including where it will go, how tall it will be, how long it will be, what surface it will have, etc. Contact us so we can create a quote for you.
  • How tall is an indoor climbing wall? Depending on whether you purchase a Traverse Wall®, Top Rope Climbing Wall, or any of our other walls, height will vary. Our Top Rope Walls are typically as tall as specified by you in order to fit your facility. Our Traverse Walls are 8’ or 10’ high.
  • What are indoor climbing walls made of? We offer a variety of surfaces so that you can choose the ideal surface for your wall. We offer smooth, rock-realistic, and cross-curricular surface options. Some of our surface options include our Chroma® surface, our Magna® climbing walls, and our Discovery® Dry-Erase
  • Is indoor rock climbing safe? Just like any activity, rock climbing can pose a risk. Here at Everlast Climbing™, we greatly value safety and do our best to ensure that climbing is as risk-free of an activity as possible. We offer a line of safety mats which help ensure safety for all climbers.

  • What do you need for indoor climbing? Needs for indoor climbing will depend on what type of wall you purchase. For example, you may need ropes and harnesses if you purchase one of our Top Rope Walls, where you will not need those if you purchase one of our Traverse Walls®. Contact us to find out what you will specifically need for indoor climbing.
  •  How many climbing holds do I need? This is another thing that depends on what type of wall you purchase. Most of our walls already include the number of holds that will go on your wall. However, if you are looking to purchase individual hand-holds, the amount of hand-holds you need will depend on what kind of challenge you are looking for and how much space is allowed for the holds. Contact us to find out more.

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