Everlast Climbing Aims to Helps Schools Raise Needed Physical Education Funds with the Release of Its New Climbing Wall Funding Guide

Since 1991, Everlast Climbing has worked with schools in all 50 states as they enhance their physical education curricula with the addition of rock climbing. Climbing is a far-reaching sport that offers many benefits to youth of varied interests, abilities and fitness levels. Unfortunately, schools often struggle with how to fund a climbing wall. Superior Rock WallAccording to the National Association for Sports and Physical Education, the median physical education budget for schools in the United States is only $764 per school year. This is not nearly enough to cover the expense of a climbing wall, which is in excess of $4,000, including mats and installation. Physical educators often need to secure outside funding in order to purchase a climbing wall. To assist in this challenging task, Everlast Climbing developed How to Fund Your Climbing Wall: A Comprehensive Guide of Funding Opportunities, Ideas & Resources.

“Rock climbing is a great addition to high-quality physical education programs because it addresses all three learning domains—physical, cognitive and emotional. Climbing improves fitness, utilizes problem solving and develops a variety of social-emotional traits like courage and perseverance. And it’s attractive to a wide range of youth, even those who are not typically interested in physical activity,” says Tim Sudeith, General Manager of Everlast Climbing. “Funding is the biggest challenge schools face when they look into getting a climbing wall. It is our hope that the funding guide will enable more students to benefit from having a climbing wall as part of their physical education program.”

The digital resource helps educators identify critical sources of funding for programs and equipment. Customized for each state and the District of Columbia, the Funding Guide includes lists and information about current national and state-level grants available to schools. Also included are ways to raise funds beyond applying for grants, such as through crowdfunding, sales, restaurant fundraising, do-it-yourself school fundraising and partnerships. Additionally, the guide includes success stories and many resources to support fundraising initiatives.

How to Fund Your Climbing Wall: A comprehensive Guide of Funding Opportunities, Ideas & Resources is available for free download on Everlast Climbing’s website: http://www.everlastclimbing.com.

About Everlast Climbing

Everlast Climbing is committed to improving youth fitness with dynamic and innovative products that engage children and inspire physical activity.

The company is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, and is a PlayCore company. More information is available about Everlast Climbing at http://www.everlastclimbing.com.

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