Coolest Climbing Wall Set Ups

Coolest Climbing Wall Set Ups

It’s exciting how popular indoor rock climbing was become and there’s a huge variety of climbing walls out there. We just had to share some of the coolest climbing wall set ups that we’ve had the privilege to be a part of. Here are just a few of our hometown favorite climbing walls.

Zero Gravity Trampoline Park (Mounds View, MN)

Mural climbing wall with a space theme by Everlast Climbing

This family entertainment center features a space-themed climbing wall with a foam pit for its landing surface. It’s one of the most eye-catching custom mural climbing walls that we’ve ever done. Children have a blast climbing in “outer space” using the color-coordinated hand holds. When they’re ready for a break, they jump down into the soft foam pit. The Traverse Wall® fits in well with the other unique and active offerings, like trampolines and laser tag. The center specifically chose a traverse wall because horizontal climbing allows for longer climbing times compared to a vertical climbing wall where participants only climb to the top and then are finished. This climbing wall offers a truly out-of-this-world experience. 

Chisago Lakes Middle School (Lindstrom, MN)

Sandstone Relief Feature Climbing Wall with black safety mats by Everlast Climbing

This one just might be the longest climbing wall we’ve ever installed. The beautiful Sandstone Relief-Feature™ Traverse Wall measures in at a whopping 72-feet Sandstone Relief Feature Climbing Wall with black safety matslong by 10 feet high. It’s the perfect height for those tall middle-school-age climbers and engages large groups of students at one time with the length. It’s quite the workout! The surface resembles sandstone climbing areas found in the southwestern United States and the relief features add an extra climbing challenge because they can be used instead of the hand holds for advanced climbers. It’s the perfect middle school climbing wall because it offers room for climbers to grow and advance in their skills. We also love the Wildcat mascot peering over the top of the wall offering encouragement to climbers!


 Matoska International IB World School (White Bear Lake, MN)

Magna Climbing Wall with Safari Jungle Gym elements on either end

This climbing wall proves that you don’t need a long flat space for a climbing wall. Placed in the corner, this Magna® Wall offers a fun climbing challenge to maneuver the 90 degrees. The special surface allows for the placement of magnets which enables math, reading and other activities to be integrated with physical education class. Other unique features of this climbing wall set up are the Safari® Elements at each end. On the left, is the Spider Web that climbers make their way across either at the start or end of their climb, depending on which direction they are moving. At the other end of the climbing wall are Monkey Bars. These two features bring some Ninja excitement to the climbing wall and provide additional opportunities for students to build upper body and core strength. Obstacle courses like the Versa™ Challenge Course and Climbing Wall Challenge Course bring added challenges to the climbing experience by requiring climbers go over, under, around and through plastic hoops and foam noodles. This climbing wall really has a lot to offer in terms of fun, diversity and challenge.

Century Middle School (Lakeville, MN)

Top Rope Climbing Wall by Everlast Climbing

This Top Rope Climbing Wall offers an amazing climbing and team-building experience. The wall stands 23 feet tall and 24 feet wide. Because of its height, this type of vertical climbing wall requires harnesses and safety ropes that anchor at the top. Additionally, special safety protocols are employed, partnering climbers with belayers who are responsible for the safety of the climber through the management of the safety rope. Following safety protocols is where team building, communication and trust come into play, elevating the experience beyond the physical. On this climbing wall, six students can climb at one time on one of the six climbing stations. With belayers and back-up belayers, the wall engages at least 18 students at one time. The vertical climbing wall features an assortment of color-coded hand holds that have been placed to create climbing “routes” at varying levels of difficulty. The goal is to climb using only the one color of hold on the route. The routes require specific problem-solving skills and rock climbing techniques, accommodating and challenging climbers of a wide variety of skill levels. The relief features on the surface can be used along with, or instead of, the climbing holds for additional challenge. The three overhanging sections and a roof bring tough upper-body-strength challenges similar to those found in rock climbing gyms. The opportunities abound on this best-in-class school climbing wall.

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