Add Official Summer Games Hand Holds to your Climbing Wall!

Add Official Summer Games Hand Holds to your Climbing Wall!

Are you as excited as we are to watch climbing in the Summer Games? We have started counting down the days until everything starts on July 26. The sport climbing events are August 4 and 5 and, of course, those have been our favorite events since climbing first joined the games in 2020.

Adding holds to your climbing wall that are part of the official holds of the Summer Games will bring new challenges and “real-world” connections for your climbers – and you. We have selected a few from the Foxes range by eXpression Climbing that we think will work well on climbing walls used primarily by youth and/or beginner climbers.

The Foxes holds were inspired by a scenic mountain valley in France where the ridge line snakes above a forest-covered slope. The whole vibe for the collection comes from the wild shapes and amazing outline of that ridge. These holds are "dual texture," meaning textured in some parts and smooth in others. This "forces" the climber to use a certain grip, adding challenge to the climbing experience. We asked the maker of these holds for more information about this process and this is what they shared: "All of these holds have been hand-shaped, somewhat similar to surfboards. It starts with a large foam block being roughly shaped to obtain an initial form. Then, the shaper primarily cuts/carves and polishes with sandpaper until achieving the desired shape. The dual texture part is decided just before the molding stage of the holds." A dramatic fact about these holds is that one of the shapers accidentally sliced his hand while carving out the first set of shapes. He was rushed to the emergency room, got his hand stitched up and then went right back to work. He finished with a bandage on because he couldn't wait to see how it all turned out.

Check out these sets and be inspired to climb like an elite athlete!

Foxes Positive Slopers XXL 1

You get some nice versatility with this set of dual texture slopers.


Foxes Positive Edges XXL 1

This dual texture set combines the characteristics of an edge and a jug. It provides flexibility to create easy edges or challenging jugs, serving as an ideal transition between the two grips.




Foxes Long Pinch XXXL 1

This dual texture pinch is versatile; it can feel juggy depending on how you set it on the wall.

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