Climbing Activity of the Month: Climbing Wall Target Practice

Climbing Wall Target Practice

A “fun-for-all-ages” climbing wall activity where climbers toss objects into targets. This activity is easily modified for a variety of ages and ability levels.

Grade Level: K and up

Grouping: Whole group


  • Objects that can be tossed (bean bags, balls, Magna Flags, Frisbees®, rings, etc.)
  • Objects that can be targets (Hula Hoops, jump ropes made into shapes, tape made into shapes, buckets, stripes on gym floor, etc.)

Advance Set Up: Place objects on the climbing wall and targets on the floor.


Have participants begin climbing, with one person on each panel. Remaining participants form a line and begin climbing when the first person has reached the second panel. As participants climb, they remove one object per climbing panel and toss into targets. When they reach the final panel, they climb down, step off mats and rejoin climbers and continue the activity.

Young boy rock climbing and tossing a bean bag into a target


Assign a point value to different targets and have participants keep track of their scores. This variation can be integrated with math lessons.

Teaching Tip:  Any targets placed on mats should be soft and not create a fall hazard. Hula Hoops and tape make good targets on the mats. Buckets do not.

Teenage girl rock climbing and tossing a bean bag into a target

National Standards: 1,2,3,4 & 5

Grade-Level Outcomes: 

  • Nonlocomotor (S1.E7, S1.E8, S1.E10)
  • Manipulative (S1.E13,S1.E26)
  • Movement concepts (S2.E1, S2.E2)
  • Engages in physical activity (S3.E2, S3.M3, S3.M4, S3.M5)
  • Personal responsibility (S4.E1, S4.E2, S4.M1, S4.M2)
  • Rules & etiquette (S4.E5, S4.M5,S4.M6)
  • Safety (S4.E6, S4.M7)
  • Challenge (S5.E2, S5.M3)

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