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Treadwall M6

The Treadwall is a rotating climbing wall that moves by body weight. Adjustable speeds and angles allow for a variety of difficulty levels and training options.

Treadwall M6

Treadwall® M6 is a rotating climbing wall for training and recreation.  It moves by body weight alone and automatically matches your speed and movement. Climbing on a Treadwall builds strength, flexibility and endurance. The Treadwall offers a total body workout – burning calories and affecting nearly every muscle in the body. Adjustable angles enable you to target specific muscle groups and to modify intensity levels. Creative hold placement brings puzzle-like climbing routes that offer both mental and physical challenges. A counter and timer allow you to monitor distance and time climbed. The Treadwall is 6 feet wide and available in two heights: 10′ and 11′.

Popular upgrades include:

  • Casters–Non-marking casters allow for ease of moving the Treadwall.
  • Security cover–An easy-to-attach security system to deter unauthorized use of the Treadwall.
  • Custom colors–Contact us for custom colors and color matching.
  • Wallmount–Free up valuable floor space by hanging your Treadwall. This version moves from -5 degrees to +5 degrees to accommodate a wide variety of climbers. 
  • Exterior upgrade–This upgrade makes the Treadwall weatherproof with a fully galvanized frame and Marine grade climbing panels. 
  • Trailer–This light and easy-to-operate trailer allows you to travel with your Treadwall. This option includes the exterior upgrade and casters.


Dimensions 9’w x 10’d x 10’h 9’w x 10’d x 11’h
Weight 1290 lbs 1330 lbs
Color Charcoal gray panels and white frame Charcoal gray panels and white frame
Climber Capacity 1 Climber 1 Climber
# of Hand Holds 30 climbing holds 30 climbing holds
Includes Floor mat, digital time/distance monitor Floor mat, digital time/distance monitor
Assembly Time
Age Appropriate* 6 yrs and up 6 yrs and up
Warranty 10 year warranty on structural parts and 1 year warranty on moving parts 10 year warranty on structural parts and 1 year warranty on moving parts

* Adult supervision is recommended when children use the Treadwall.


Does the Treadwall use electricity?

What are the different angles you can climb on the Treadwall?

The Treadwall can be adjusted from -12 degrees to +12 degrees.

How much space does the Treadwall M6 need?

The Treadwall requires a footprint of 9 feet wide by 10 feet deep. The 10-foot high version requires a ceiling height of 10 feet 1 inch. The 11-foot high version requires a ceiling height of 11 feet 1 inch.

What is the Treadwall made of?

The climbing surface is MDO Plywood, texturized and painted gray. The frame is welded steel.

Do I need to worry that the Treadwall will fit through the door?

The Treadwall arrives un-assembled, so will fit through standard doors.

Do I need a forklift to accept delivery of the Treadwall?

No, the Treadwall arrives unassembled and can be unloaded by hand.

Once in place, can the Treadwall be moved?

Yes. If you think you may want the option of moving the Treadwall, we recommend you purchase casters. When fitted with casters, the Treadwall can be easily moved to different locations in the gym. A trailer option is also available, allowing you to move the Treadwall to different locations.

Can I change the location of the climbing holds?

Yes, the rock climbing holds can be removed and remounted in different places. This allows you to vary the climbing experience and also to set specific climbing routes of varying difficulty levels.

Is the Treadmill loud?

No, the Treadmill is non-motor driven for quiet dependable operation.