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Pedometers to monitor the physical activity level of your participants, along with lesson plans and teachable activities.  Package includes set of 30 pedometers, 30 extra batteries, two storage cases, and CD with activities and Healthy Habits trackers.

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Assess the amount of time youth are active and quantify the number of steps taken each day using StartFIT Pedometers. Pedometers are a simple and effective way to monitor the physical activity level of your participants. Set personal and group goals, record steps and track progress. A StartFIT Pedometer Activity Guide provides strategies to promote the proper use of pedometers, activities that can be implemented and Healthy Habits™ Trackers to record steps taken and more. An extra-large digital display makes reading and programming a breeze for children. Each pedometer is protected by a hinged cover, a loss prevention strap with spring-loaded alligator clip and a 5-year warranty. Motivate them to move with pedometers!

StartFIT pedometers provide four functions:

  • Steps
  • Distance
  • Exercise Time
  • Calorie Expenditure


Model StartFIT 4
Functions Steps, Distance, Exercise Time, Calorie Expenditure
Includes Pedometers, Storage Cases, Replacement Batteries, CD with Trackers, Activities, & Teaching Instructions
Age Appropriate Elementary – High School


What does the StartFIT 4 pedometer track?

The StartFIT 4 tracks steps, distance, exercise time and calorie expenditure.

Can I replace the batteries on my StartFIT 4 Pedometer?

Yes, batteries are easily replaced and the package comes with a free replacement battery for every pedometer.

Are instructions included on how to operate the pedometer?

Yes, the package includes instructions for operating the pedometer, and a lesson plan for how to introduce pedometers to your classroom.

What activities can I do with the pedometer?

The package contains 5 different activities you can do with pedometers and your class such as "Getting Started" and "Estimating with Pedometers."

Shipping and Install


Your pedometers will ship via UPS.