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Meteorite Mission

Meteorite Mission is a great team challenge that requires the group to move the “meteorite” from one station pole to another. Holding only the ropes attached to the ring, the team must work in sync to move the balanced meteorite

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Meteorite Mission


In Meteorite Mission™ a group of “astronauts” is on a mission to move a meteorite from one station pole to another in this team challenge that requires cooperation and perseverance. Holding only the ropes attached to the ring, the team must work in sync to move the balanced meteorite. Set includes red ball, 2 PVC poles with bases, yellow ring, 10 handled ropes and activity guide. This team building resource is made in the USA.

Meteorite Mission – Activity Guide

The Meteorite Mission activity guide includes step-by-step instructions on how to set-up and perform the task.  Sample processing questions and variations on the activity are also included.  Activities designed to include up to 10 participants.  Team Building challenges can be made easier or more difficult by varying to games rules.

Meteorite Mission, like other group initiative tasks, is designed to offer “real” or “perceived” mental, physical, social and emotional challenges that are fun and rewarding. Within a trusting and supportive environment, these challenges are often successfully met through team problem solving.


Participants Involved 8-10
Age Appropriate Elementary, Middle, & High School
Contains Activity Guide, Red Rubber Ball, 2 PVC poles with bases, yellow ring, 10 removable handled ropes (6′ long)


How many people can participate in Meteorite Mission?

Up to 10 people can participate.

Shipping and Install


This product ships via UPS.

Installation & Assembly

Assembly of the Meteorite Mission is very easy.  Attach the ropes to the yellow rings by tying knots at the end of each rope.  Insert the poles in to the green bases, be sure to secure in place by pressing firmly.  Check that the tops of the poles are level.  For more information, download the full Instructions:

Blue-Doc_30px  Meteorite Mission Assembly Instructions