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Mat-Locking Key

Use the special Mat-Locking Key to lock and unlock your climbing wall's Cordless Mat-Locking System.

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Mat-Locking Key

The Mat-Locking Key locks and unlock your climbing wall’s Cordless Mat-Locking System. One is included with every Mat-Locking Sytem, however many organizations find it helpful to have spare keys in case of loss or when multiple people are overseeing the climbing wall program.


Includes 1 key
Dimension 3 1/2″ L x 1 3/8″ W x 1/4″ Diameter


Is a mat-locking key included with your mats?

Yes, one key is included with your Mat-Locking System. However, some organizations find it helpful to have extra keys in the event of loss or when multiple people oversee the climbing program.

What's "special" about this key?

The key is also known as a star security wrench and is not readily available in stores. It helps to secure your Mat-Locking System and helps to prevent unauthorized climbing since the system cannot be unlocked with a screwdriver, allen wrench or other readily available tool.

Shipping and Install

Your Mat-Locking Key will ship via UPS.