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Kersplash Crystal Clear Pool Climbing Wall

The clear choice in pool rock climbing walls! Kersplash Crystal Clear features clear panels for a barrier-free view of your pool deck.

Kersplash Crystal Clear Pool Climbing Wall


Add adventure to your aquatic area with a clear pool climbing wall! Children and adults alike enjoy the challenge of the climb, as well as the exhilarating plunge back into the pool. Kersplash® Crystal Clear® Pool Climbing Wall is our most popular model and features clear panels for a barrier-free view of your pool deck. Red, yellow and orange Groperz Hand Holds in varying shapes and sizes for climbers to use. The Kersplash frame is constructed of high-quality, 100% passivated stainless steel to withstand harsh pool environments. All Kersplash Poolside Climbing Wall materials are UV and chlorine resistant. Kersplash is suited for indoor or outdoor use. A Kersplash Rules and Guidelines Sign and Safety, Care and Maintenance Instructions are included.

Kersplash Clear Pool Climbing wall is modular and can be made to fit any space and deck configuration. The 4′ x 4′ panels attach to the stainless steel frame allowing you to customize the height and width of the climbing wall to meet your needs. 

Kersplash requirements:
  • 35″ of deck space
  • 4′ of clearance behind the wall for a walkway
  • 5′ to either side of your wall
  • 10′ drop zone
  • Pool depth determines the allowable height of Kersplash

Note: A designated “drop zone” is recommended at the base of Kersplash to keep swimmers out of this area.



8′ HIGH 12′ HIGH 16′ HIGH
Climbing Panels 2 3 4
Width 4′ 4′ 4′
Recommended Water Depth  5′ 6′ 9′
Climbable Surface  7’10” 11’10” 15’8″
Above Deck Climbable Surface 4’10” 9’10” 12’8″
Top “No Climbing” Panel 2′ 2′ 2′
Total Height Above Pool Deck 7′ 11′ 14’10”
Total Length of Structure 10′ 14′ 17’10”
Footprint 2’8″ deck space 2’8″ deck space 2’8″ deck space
# of Hand Holds 18 27 36

# of T-Nuts

18 27 36


How deep does my pool need to be?

Depth requirements vary by state and city. Make sure to check your state and local codes to ensure your configuration complies. We recommend 5' depth for a 8' wall, 6' depth for a 12' wall and 9' depth for a 16' wall.

What if I have a unique gutter configuration?

Give us a call! We can customize the frame to fit with your gutter profile.

What is the frame made out of?

The frame is made with 304L stainless steel that has been passivated, electro-polished and coated with Spectra-Shield.

How much space do I need?

Kersplash requires a footprint of 35" of deck space for the structural frame, 5' on either side of the frame and 10' into the pool for a Drop Zone.

Can my pool climbing wall be moved?

Yes, Kersplash's modular design makes relocation possible. It would involve removal from the former location and remounting at the new location.

How is the pool climbing wall mounted?

Kersplash is attached to the deck with 4-6 threaded fasteners per frame. A 4" concrete deck is required.

What is the weight limit of Kersplash?

Kersplash was designed to meet Climbing Wall Association (CWA) standards which are 270 lbs/square feet.

My Kersplash Pool Climbing Wall is not installed near a wall to mount the included Kersplash Rules and Guidelines Signs. What should I do?

Freestanding sign stands are available at office supply stores. We recommend getting two, one for each side of the climbing wall. It's critical that the safety rules and guidelines be visible and near the pool climbing wall.

Shipping and Install


Kersplash Pool Climbing Wall will ship to the delivery address you specify via truck.  You will need to meet the truck with a forklift. Without a forklift, you will be required to break down the crate, and carry each piece of the climbing wall inside your facility.

Please inspect all pallets and boxes before signing for the delivery. If there is any damage, you MUST note the damage on the delivery receipt BEFORE you sign it, or a damage claim cannot be filed with the trucking company. This is very important – please notify your receiving personnel and the person who usually signs for deliveries of this fact. Call us if there is any apparent damage and we will work with you to resolve the problem. Do not throw away any damaged material.

Please protect your shipment until the installation takes place. Any damage occurring after receipt is your responsibility.


Kersplash can be installed by your local pool builder or contractor, or installed by Everlast Climbing for an additional charge.  Installation takes roughly 2-3 hours per frame. For additional information, download the Kersplash Installation Instructions:

Blue-Doc_30px  Kersplash Climbing Wall Installation Instructions

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