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Groperz Critterz Hand Holds

Ten bright yellow hand holds in the shape of a turtle, dragonfly and other “critters.” The eye-catching and the fun shapes add variety to the climbing wall.

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Groperz Critterz Hand Holds


Children will enjoy reaching for these animal-shaped hand holds. Groperz™ Critterz™ include a turtle, dragonfly, starfish, hippo, snail, caterpillar and other “critters.” Their bright yellow color attracts the eye and the fun shapes add variety to the climbing experience. 10 holds per set. Standardized mounting hardware and 5/16″ Allen Wrench included. They’re the perfect climbing hand holds for kids!


Age Appropriate Early Childhood, Elementary & Middle School
Color Yellow
Contains 10 Hand Holds, Mounting Hardware, Allen Wrench


How do the hand holds attach to the wall?

Hand holds are mounted to the traverse wall through t-nuts and held in place with bolts. They are mounted and removed with the use of an included Allen wrench. Since our t-nuts are of premium quality and our bolts of standardized length, removing and moving hand holds is simple and fast.

What are all the "critters" that are included in the set?

There are ten critters: Turtle, butterfly, hippo, dragonfly, starfish, snail, caterpillar, lizard, rabbit and squirrel.

How do you clean climbing holds?

First, remove them from the climbing wall. Then scrub them with mild soap and water with a nylon bristle brush. They can also be put into the dishwasher. Be sure to let hand holds air dry completely before remounting on the climbing wall.

Shipping and Install


The hand holds will ship via UPS.


Groperz Hand Holds mount easily to the traverse wall using a standardized bolt which attaches to a t-nut mounted in the wall.  For more information, download complete installation instructions:

Blue-Doc_30px  Bolt-On: Groperz Hand Holds Instructions