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Choose Well, Be Well

Climbing wall curriculum that promotes awareness of proper nutrition and exercise through a variety of fun, physical activities.

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Choose Well, Be Well


Choose Well, Be Well™ promotes awareness of proper nutrition and exercise through a variety of fun, climbing wall activities. Children will learn the key components of the MyPlate food guidelines and develop an understanding of the importance of adopting healthy exercise and nutrition habits. This package includes a full-color MyPlate activity board (23″ x 35″) with a dry-erase and magnet-accepting surface; a set of 30 food magnets; a detailed activity guide divided by grade level (1st – 8th) and hardware.

WARNING: This product contains small magnets. Do not ingest or inhale.


Activity Board Dimensions 23″ x 25″
Age Appropriate Elementary & Middle School – Grades 1-8
Contains Detailed Activity Guide (54 pages), Full Color MyPlate Activity Board, 30 food magnets, mounting hardware


What is included in the Activity Guide?

The activity guide includes an Introduction with background information and key concepts about MyPlate. There are a total of 18 lessons with six lessons for each grade level group: 1-3, 4-6 and 7-8. Lessons integrate climbing and other physical activity with learning about MyPlate and proper nutrition. The activity guide also includes a Resources section with additional and helpful information. It is 54 pages long.

Does Choose Well, Be Well include information about the food pyramid?

No, Choose Well, Be Well does not include information or lessons on the food pyramid. The United States Department of Agriculture changed its model for healthy eating from The Food Guide Pyramid to MyPlate in 2011, feeling that it is easier to understand and would do a better job of helping Americans eat healthier. Choose Well, Be Well lessons are based on MyPlate and the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for America.

Shipping and Install


Choose Well, Be Well will ship via UPS.


The Activity Board can be mounted to the wall with the included double-sided tape.