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Activity Pouch

Activity pouches are belted bag worn by climbers while route-setting or participating in activities to keep hands free for climbing.

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Activity Pouch

Outfitted with belts, these activity pouches are worn by climbers while route-setting or participating in activities where small objects, magnets or chalk are being used. They can also be used as a chalk bag. Is a great upgrade with the purchase of a magna wall or dry erase wall to help hold dry erase markers or magnets during climbing wall activities.  Product features a nylon webbing belt that easily adjusts and a drawcord closure to keep contents from spilling out when not in use.  Fits hands of all sizes.  Activity pouch measures 2″ x 6″ x 7″ and is available in mixed colors.


Dimensions 2″ x 6″ x 7″
Age Appropriate Elementary & Middle School


What is the activity pouch used for?

Some climbing wall actvities require climbers to place magnets or other objects on the climbing wall. The magnets or objects are placed in the activity pouch to make climbing easier. The pouch also holds chalk. Some climbers benefit from putting chalk on their hands to absorb perspiration and maintain a better grip on hand holds.

Shipping and Install


Product ships via UPS.


No installation is required.