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Top Rope Climbing Walls

Top Rope Climbing Walls

A Top Rope Wall is a vertical climbing wall that requires a harness and a safety rope that anchors at the top. This type of wall is best suited for adolescent to adult climbers since a partner (belayer) is responsible for the safety of the climber through managing a safety rope. Top Rope Climbing walls provide vast opportunities for climbing skill development, positive risk taking, team building and trust building. They also promote courage, communication and social skills. Special equipment and training are required for this type of climbing wall and are included in Everlast Climbing's package.

Another amazing benefit of climbing is the amount of teamwork that takes place on the wall. I've been inspired by the positive encouragement my students give each other, how they work together as a team to reach their goals, and how they pat each other on the back after they achieve together.

Tim McCord
Retired Physical Educator, Physical Education Department Chair, Coach & Director of the PE4Life Training Center
Titusville ISD, Titusville, PA